About Us

If the recent past has shown us anything, it is that you cannot depend on what is “conventional wisdom” regarding the mortgage and housing market. Getting a mortgage loan these days is more complicated than ever before. Consumers need someone to help guide them through the mortgage process, and that is exactly why SoundChoice Mortgage was founded.

SoundChoice Mortgage, LLC was founded by Bob Griffin, and industry professional with over 30 years of mortgage lending experience. The experience that he and his team bring will help you understand your options, choose the best one, and then help you navigate the mortgage process.

There are a lot of choices to make when purchasing or refinancing a home. Let SoundChoice Mortgage help you make the decision a little bit easier.

How do I know I am getting your best offer?

We have specific compensation contracts with all of our mortgage investors. As mortgage brokers, our team looks around at all of the options in the marketplace and helps you decide which loan is best for you. Our pay is based solely on the percentage of the loan amount and we only get paid if your transaction is completed. Our compensation is NOT tied to the rate, term, product type, or occupation type (primary, second home or investment property).

On the other hand, most banks pay their loan officers whether you get a good deal or not and whether your loan closes or not. Often their business is based on volume, so earning your future business or referrals is not important to them.

We are committed to serving you from your first call or email to the last signature on the last page of your mortgage documents. On top of all of that, this is ALL we do! Our team is trained and specialized to originate residential mortgages and we want to earn your trust and help you create a more sound financial future for yourself and your family.